We are excited to announce Bain Capital Crypto (BCC), our first $560mm fund, and the launch of a new platform to support the renegades and pioneers building the next generation of internet infrastructure. We designed this dedicated investment firm to support crypto/web3 builders from seed through growth with a highly technical and collaborative approach. 

Bain Capital Crypto grew out of our work at BCV, which has actively invested in the crypto space through both protocols and companies for the last seven years. We believe that we are at the precipice of a monumental technology shift towards open, community-driven, and decentralized services. 

Touching how we play, work, and transact, this seismic shift may prove the most important technological development of our lifetimes.

The combination of a generational shift of internet users (builders and creators) and open technology enables an infinite design space for developing user-built and controlled applications. We are in the very early innings of this transformation. 

The teams building these new pillars of the internet require a new type of investment firm that can support them from ideation through scale. To provide the highest level of service to these emerging builders, BCC has three key areas of expertise: 

  • Technical and economic research: As the next wave of internet and financial infrastructure gets built, we believe teams will require deep technical support thinking through critical design decisions.
  • Governance design and participation: Crypto protocols require a dedicated level of active participation on topics related to code contribution, risk parameter adjustment, DAO organization, and management. We intend to participate actively in these ecosystems.
  • Participation across stages: Given the early liquidity dynamics of crypto protocols and limited capital intensity, protocol teams require investors that can participate across the liquidity spectrum, supporting teams in both private and public markets. We have the flexibility to participate across capital stages and even leverage protocols with our own capital.

We are pleased to launch Bain Capital Crypto, an early-stage crypto-native fund with this suite of builder-oriented services.