I couldn’t be more excited to be joining BCC as Head of Marketing — amplifying the great work of Stefan, Alex, and this brilliant team and working with portfolio company leaders as they sharpen their visions and bring new products to market.

This role felt like a natural next step after spending the last decade managing fast-growing marketing teams at pre-IPO companies, and diving into crypto over the last several years. When I stumbled upon the activity in crypto during my time working at GitHub, there was no going back. The scale and intensity that these individuals are bringing to upending legacy financial systems can only be described as one of the purest forms of inspiration I’ve ever experienced. I can’t imagine a better use of my time and skills than supporting their work.

Although the end of this year has been more of a rollercoaster than anyone could have predicted, it has only made me more confident about the future in front of us. We’re continuing to see top talent come to crypto from just about every industry, and the builders of this future aren’t wavering for a second, even in some of the most challenging macro conditions. This really is just the beginning, and I’m grateful to play even a tiny role in leveling up awareness about this work and the the impact it will have.

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