I’m thrilled to announce I’m joining Bain Capital Crypto as a Partner. I’ll be helping Stefan CohenAlex Evans and the rest of the team to support teams building at the frontier of Web3.

I’ve gotten to know the BCC team over the last few months and have been blown away by their culture, intellectual rigor and investment judgment. We’ve pontificated at length about protocol defensibility, reflexivity, and value accrual in the infrastructure stack. I’m excited to explore some of these topics working with an exceptional team.

I’m interested in early-stage DeFi, Consumer, and DAO-focused applications and protocols. If you’re building in these spaces or in their underlying infrastructure, please reach out to me at lhylton@baincapital.com or DM me on Twitter @lyd_hylton.

I’ll be staying in the Bay Area for the time being but making frequent trips to NYC. If you’re a builder, operator, investor, or just crypto-curious and in town, I’d love to meet up!

I also want to take this opportunity to thank the friends and mentors who helped me get here: Jason Warner, Logan Bartlett, Scott Raney and the rest of the Redpoint team, Ilya Strebulaev and Allison Kluger (Stanford) and many others.